August 17, 2014

Hannah >> 2015 College Senior

"Though we drift apart in distance,
I always think of you being right here with me."

Hello folks, I want you to meet one of the coolest kids you will ever see.
She's a spunky, tall, funny girl who is one of the bestest friends I could ask for.

Hannah and I started out this amazing session with an impromptu trip to the creek because our favorite coffee shop was closed. With our feet in the ice cold creek we proceeded to drink salted caramel mochas and talk about anything and everything. Salted caramel always manages to make it's way into almost every adventure we have together...but we don't mind. :) 

After we could no longer feel our feet we decided to head to this cute little factory we found on the edge of town. As Hannah pulled out her vintage camera I knew this was going to be just perfect.

Hannah is one of those special souls, the kind who I don't see for 2 long months while she is gone to college and then when we get back together things are as crazy and comfortable as ever.

For the last three years, she has been the one who has left me here, waiting for her to come home. But 
I'm starting a new chapter in life. This year, We're both going to college.
P.S. That's why I took pictures of her. She's GRADUATING!  

This splendiferous light was making my heart so happy!
AND as Hannah and I like to say "So much pretty!"

But yes, She is graduating with a much-deserved piano major.

And, boy, is she good! 
 I will admit that my little hands are jealous of her long, perfect-for-piano fingers.

After the piano-playing we went over to 'our' wheat field. We've adopted it as our own because she took my senior pictures there and I took hers there. As you can see, it's kinda special. :)

Isn't she just the cutest thing?!

Hannah, I had so much fun with you, as usual. Our impromptu "hey-i-want-to-show-you-somthing" adventures always end up being some of my favorite 'us' memories.  Thanks for watching the sunset with me and being my friend. You radiate joy, dear girl, and I know you'll rock your senior year.
See you at Christmas!

Anna Rose


  1. Oh my stars. Ohhhhh. SO MUCH PRETTY. Haha!! Just kidding - it's ALL you. Thanks a million girl. I love these. And I love you - so much!! All our adventures, haha! I have such amazing memories with you, and I can't wait to make more over Christmas break. Good luck at school, freshie!

  2. These pictures!! Oh my. So much gorgeousness!! So good, Anna. (And gorgeous, Hannah!) It would be SO hard to pick a fave, but some would be #3, 6, 11, 13, 14, 17...and, yeah, I'm going to stop because they are all crazy good. :) Love seeing the pictures you two create together! Thanks bunches for sharing your beautiful work with us. The Lord has given you such a gift!!

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  4. Woah, may I just pin all of these??? Just like I did when she did you senior pics? Really- TOO MUCH PRETTY!
    You two are awesome together. ;)


  5. Awweee, she's so cute. The pictures have a nice feel to them, too.

  6. These are beautiful!!!! FANTASTIC job, Anna! :)