December 29, 2015

{Mason + Hannah} Engagement Sneak Peek

"And some things will never end.
The thrill of our magic ride.
The love that I feel inside for you."

Anna Rose

{Caleb + Megan} Engagement

I just want to start out by warning you. This is no "normal" engagement session. I loved getting to take pictures of this Lumberjack and his cute lil' gal. 
Caleb, the lumberjack, is my cousin and Megan, the cute lil' gal, is a good friend of mine from college. Because of the distance between us, I never got to know Caleb very well.
That is, until I ended up at the same college as him. The same college where He met his girl. 

It's pretty obvious from these pictures that Caleb is pretty much crazy about Megan. His entire face lights up when she enters the room. 

Megan is so full of joy and loves to laugh. But let me tell you, the way that she laughs for Caleb is adorable! She does this little giggle which is just adorable! 

Anyways! Enough raving about how cute these two are together... I'll let you see for yourself!

P.S. Girls, if you can, find a guy like this one. *I can say that because I'm his cousin* 
 He designed this ring HIMSELF. 
Talk about creativity and talent!

Anna Rose

December 17, 2015

{ ronnie + olivia } August Wedding

This wedding was so special to me, even though I'm around 3 months late blogging about it.  Not only is Ronnie my cousin, but I also got to shoot his proposal to Olivia. 
From her adorable giggle when she saw him for the first time, to his nervous laugh right before the first look, every detail and memory was precious to witness. 

I love her rose gold ring!!

Anna Rose