March 27, 2014

>> Favorite Pictures of the Week No. 2

As some of you might have guessed, I went to the Midwest for a week.
While there, I saw everything from 3 feet of snow, to green grass.
Some mornings it would be -20 and then a few days later (and one state away) it would be 50 degrees.  And now I'll stop rambling and leave you to my favorite pictures of the last two weeks.

Anna Rose

March 23, 2014

>> Luke >> Just a few frames

This was going to be my post for while I was away, but I *ahem* forgot to post, so I'm doing this now! Let me introduce you to my big brother.
 I finally convinced my brother to let me take some pictures of him.
As you will see, he's a firefighter, which is pretty cool.
Last summer I took a few pictures of him in his gear, but I've been wanting to take more since I got my new lens. About a month ago neither of us had anything going on, so we figured let's do it!
And without further ado, this is my brother.

Anna Rose

March 3, 2014

>> March Goals

March is such an exciting month! SPRING is coming and  the snow is melting. Not to mention that it is super busy, which for me, is wonderful!
I spent most of my time in February on least that is what it felt like.
My goals for the last month were:

Work on my senior scrapbook.    This didn't happen.

Make time for coffee dates with friends. 

Work hard on school and do well on the ACT.

I worked hard on school and I took the ACT, but I haven't got my scores from the ACT yet, so I don't know how well I did.

Practice piano faithfully.  With recitals coming up, this is a necessity. Some pieces are easier to practice because they are, well, more fun. Like Chopin.

Learn one new photography technique or helpful tip about photography or editing.  I learned two new things. One was Aperture Priority. It saves time when I don't want to have to spend time changing all my dials. I only have to change a few of them. I'm planning on shooting Aperture Priority at a wedding I'm second shooting in May, so I'm honing my skills, as it is different than Manual.  The second thing I learned falls into the design category. I learned how to make gold lettering. GOLD LETTERING PEOPLE!  It makes me ridiculously excited!

Exercise and stretch every day.  I did it. Every single day of the month. Granted, there were times when I didn't do ALL of my stretches or exercises, but I did most.

Pray about decisions.    Even though I did pray about many decisions, I'm going to leave this one undone, because I can and need to be better at this..

And now to this months goals.

1. I want to finish two school subjects.    My senior year was definitely my hardest year of high school and when I have 2 less subjects, it will be much easier...not that high school is ever about easy.

2. I want to exercise and stretch almost every day.   This was one of my yearly goals, so it will probably be on most of my monthly goals. I have a very busy schedule in parts of March, so I intentionally wrote ALMOST every day.

3. I want to work on my senior scrapbook.    More than want. I need to work on my scrapbook...again.

4. I want to run 2-3 times per week.   Soccer season is coming up and I don't want to die during my first practice, so I should probably run at least some....

5. I want to finish hanging all the pictures in my room.  There's only 5 more that need to go up, I just actually need to DO it.

6. Finish redesigning my blog. Blue and White with bits of Gold. Can you tell?

And those are my goals!
This month, God opened some huge doors and some exciting things will be happening, so keep posted for some updates!
I will leave you with a glimpse at what my spring has been like.
The robins are here!
and it snowed another 6 inches...

Happy March!

Anna Rose