December 30, 2013


It fit.
The first time I saw that quote it fit.
That is the phrase that inspired my photography for the first 9 months of the year. I had just bought a new camera, a Nikon D600. I absolutely loved it. But it did mean one thing.
I wouldn't be able to buy my 'dream lens'. I would have to wait much longer than I was hoping.
I knew that some of my equipment wasn't as good as some of my favorite photographers, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.
On my 'goals for 2013' list, amongst other things, I wrote:
"Learn how to use my 70-300mm to the best of my ability"
aaaand so, for the first 9 months of the year,
I made it my goal to learn to use my 70-300 like a portrait lens.
This doesn't sound strange, but it is an older 70-300 and has a few quirks.
Like the fact that it isn't in focus at 300mm
and that the lowest aperture is 3.5...and that is only when shooting at 70mm.
It worked.
I didn't have the 'right' equipment for taking portraits, but I took them anyway.
But while all of this was going on something else was happening.
God was providing for me.
It wasn't something I NEEDED, just something I reeeaaally wanted.
It was a 50mm 1.4.
When I got my 50 I loved it right away.
I did a portrait session the day that it came in the mail.
Ever since that, the 50mm and my camera of been inseparable.
I did notice something while I was putting this post together.
My favorite portrait session of this year was all taken with my 70-300 lens.
To the photography world, it shouldn't have worked.
But it did.
because passion trumps logic.
The year started out with Dakota and Hannah, both fellow photographers.

This year (of course) had plenty of editing.
Due to the fact that my computer crashed right after Dakota's session, we got together again in March for another session.

There were many drives around the valley and adventures in the mountians during summer and spring.

 And in May my sister and her cute family came a visited.


In June my family and I left our little valley and went on vacation.

 While on vacation, my Dad, brother, nephew and I climbed a mountain and found several waterfalls along the way.

I took lots of pictures of both my nephews.
And yes, the nephew below is the one who climbed the mountain with us. He was such a trooper!

While I was there a dear friend surprised me, which was amazing! I hadn't seen her for three long years. 
I was going to be 5 hours away from her house, visiting my brother and his wife.
We talked about if she could come and see me and she finally told me that she didn't think it would work. She just couldn't seem to get a ride.
While I was at my brothers house, he wanted me to take pictures of his newest son, which I gladly agreed to. I was in the middle of taking these pictures when it happened.
I saw a head pop around the corner and there she was.
I'm sure that I was in complete shock. I started crying (yes, I am a crier)
and said her name over and over while we hugged.
We talked and talked and stayed up till the early morning; then fell asleep out of pure exhaustion.
The next morning was my last day there.
So I packed up and left.

While we were there I grabbed her and said "lets take pictures" even though it was raining
Together we ran under a tree and took some pictures. It was definitely one of my favorite parts of the year.

We had a few good thunderstorms this summer, allowing me to photograph lightening.

Naomi // August 2013
This was my favorite session of the year. Yup, the one that I shot with my 70-300mm.
aaand I'm sure this is the prettiest girl that every graced a brick wall with her presence.

In September, some photographer friends and I grabbed a princess, her tiara, and a guitar and went to visit the local sunflower field.

My trusty camera and me.

In September I did a mentorship with my favorite photographer, Paige Overturf, which was a dream come true.
Because I live in Washington and she lives in North Carolina we did it over Skype.
That mentorship was one of the things that helped my business the most.
I didn't know what to do next, so she told me what she had done.
She told me to start a blog. So I did.
She helped me with blog designing, told me about buying a domain name and things like that.
Later in the month after a year and a half of dreaming I ordered my new lens.

Two hours after I got my 50mm 1.4, Susanna and I got together to take some pictures.

I was excited to see how well my new lens handled low light.

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Fall was blogged HERE.

Savannah and I did the shoot we had been talking about for quite a while.
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Dakota and I finally did our misty morning session
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I went to visit my sister in November.
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While I was there I wrote a little list of blessings.

My Nephew was born while we were there.

I continued to practice my ring shots, just like Paige told me.
She told me that just because I have never done something doesn't mean I can't practice for parts of it... Whatever it is.

 Christmas was just 5 days ago!!!     

I also turned EIGHTEEN 3 days ago. :)

This year was full of times when I went out of my comfort zone..
...and times when I didn't.
Then wish I had.
But this next year is a new year. A new 365 page book, so to say.
I know a few things that this next year will probably hold.
Like graduating from high school and starting college.
But there are many, many things that will happen this year, that I wasn't' planning for.
And those things? They are sometimes the most exciting of all!
Happy New Year!
Anna Rose

December 24, 2013

>> Merry Christmas!

"Silent night, holy night.
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon virgin mother and Child.
Holy infant so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace."
You look outside and through the darkness you see it.
The pure white snow falling to the ground. Dancing in circle after circle till the snowflakes land, one on top of another.
Soon the ground is covered
and everything is white.
As the snow falls everything is quiet.
The noises of the cars and the people are soon muffled by the freshly fallen snow.
If you were to walk outside, the ground would be gleaming.
A  few days later, you can feel it - the excitement in the air.
Christmas Eve is here! The last few preparations are finished and everything is ready.
 People start to gather at a little church for the Christmas Eve service.
It is time.
It is time to remember why we really celebrate Christmas.
It's not just so we can open presents and spend time with family.
Not so we can eat a big Christmas dinner and decorate the house.
It is to celebrate the birthday of a King.
But this King didn't come like a normal King.
He came in the form of a tiny, helpless, little baby.
A baby who would grow up, become a man, and give His life for something that He did not do.
and as Linus says to Charlie Brown:
"That is what Christmas is all about..."

Merry Christmas!
Anna Rose

December 20, 2013

>> Adore Him

O come let us adore Him
Christ the Lord
-O Come all ye Faithful
'O Come all ye Faithful' has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. While putting up the Christmas tree, I think I sang or hummed it almost constantly...even though Bing Crosby was singing something else. As there are only 5 days left till Christmas (my Facebook feed reminds me regularly) I decided to pick a few pictures out of Lightroom and edit them.
And now, as the snowfalls, I'm off to make Christmas cookies, the kind with lots of cream cheese frosting and red and green sprinkles!
Anna Rose