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Hello There!
Thanks so much for stopping by and getting to know me!
I am a Washingtonian by birth who is currently living in Minnesota. I seem to have caught the traveling bug and find myself hopping between and around Minnesota, Iowa, and Washington. But, like I said, I love to travel so even if your wedding is in a different country, I would totally be up for flying!
I'm a twenty-something year old college graduate and ex- soccer player, but I still enjoy being active and running. You can usually find me watching crime shows on netflix, working out (Crossfit at home anyone?), taking pictures, making music or baking.
Pearl earrings and cowboy boots are a must for every day life. That being said, I also love running shorts and flip flops. 
Summer is my favorite and I love *basically* everything about it.
Cows are my favorite animal and if I see one, the likelihood of me gasping in delight is quite high.
Dark blue is my favorite color and has been for as long as I can remember.
Coffee is my favorite drink... and when I say coffee, I mean the not-black kind.... a Salted Caramel Mocha is usually my go-to.
I love adventure and capture memories along the way. That is why I would love to capture YOUR special day! I love seeing photos of excited brides + grooms, nervous seniors, and giddy couples. I LOVE people and that's a huge reason why it would be my honor to photograph YOU. I want this time of your life captured in a relaxed, happy, timeless way!
Thanks for stopping by! 
  Anna Rose

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