August 26, 2014

Dakota >> 2014 Senior

"Why didn't we think of this sooner?" Hannah said as I hopped in her car.

It had been decided 5 minutes before this that I would accompany Hannah to Dakota's senior pictures.
The three of us have been good friends for the past few years and we have many things in common, coffee and photography being just two of them.

You've seen Dakota before on this blog. She and I did a misty morning October session here.

She and I both got our first cameras within two months and our very first session was together... three years ago. Wow! So much has changed since then.

Now that we're going to college, our early morning coffee dates will have to come to an end for a short time, but as soon as we're home for Christmas we'll have more. :) 

Mmmmm.... That smokey sunset is so pretty.

Dakota, You're going to rock at college. I'll miss you like crazy, but I know that those Skype dates will make everything better. Keep pointing other to Christ, dear girl. 
I'll see you at Christmas. 

Anna Rose


  1. These are stunning, Anna!! Her ombre hair is so pretty, too. :)

  2. Man, she is such a stunner.
    And your work is just perfection, Anna Rose. like seriously, all of these are stellar.

  3. Wonderful job Anna! These look great. :)

  4. I love these!! They are so dang perfect!!
    Do you mind me asking what camera you have and lens?
    I am really close to getting my second camera and I haven't decide for sure what one.

  5. these are absolutely perfect, Anna. and oh my goodness, she's dang dead-drop gorgeous. ;) these are fantastic, dearie. love these. mm, i'm jealous of where you live. {oops} it's so gorgeous there... *sigh* looooove these. xx