October 22, 2015

{Throwback to Summerness } IRBC 2015

Summer is long gone, but it doesn't mean that every now and then I don't go back and look through my photos on Facebook or my computer. 

It was during one such reminisce that I realizes I had not yet shared these pictures with you all. They aren't much, just a few snapshots here and there to show some of the highlights  of my summer. 

Probably my favorite memory from the entire summer was a camping trip with all of the staff at the camp I was working. It was a great time and a beautiful view.

Compared to the beautiful brown colors I had grown used to in Washington, this place was so green!

For His glory,
Anna Rose


  1. These are so vibrant + beautiful! (And I adore your handwriting/calligraphy. :))

  2. You take wonderful pictures, especially this one with the butterfly. I always try to get a good pic of the butterfly, but it flies away too quickly. I love the name of your blog, Anna Rose.

    Have a sweet weekend.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley