April 5, 2014

>> April Goals

Well, April is finally here and I'm quite happy to announce that the first flowers have come up!
I know that in some places, there is still lots of snow on the ground, and I am thankful that I am not there.

I want to finish two school subjects.    
I can't quite cross this one off. I finished one and I am, so close to finishing another.

 I want to exercise and stretch almost every day.   
I think I did it for around 3 weeks. Then there was a week or so where I neglected them badly.

I want to work on my senior scrapbook.    
Once again this didn't happen, but that's fine because I'm working on it today!

 I want to run 2-3 times per week.   
Haha! I think I ran 3 times this whole month! But I did play some hockey and soccer, so maybe that counts....

 I want to finish hanging all the pictures in my room.  
I got one hung. But not all of them.

 Finish redesigning my blog.  

I have very few goals for this month, but maybe this time I'll actually get some of them done!

1. I want to quit overshooting.  I plan to get together with a photographer friend to do a portrait session, but only take 10 pictures. But I want those 10 pictures ALL to be good. I want to be able to get the exact results that I want without having to experiment a lot. And trust me, this is hard. I already tried it. 

2. I want to streamline my workflow. I want to figure out the quickest way, the best way and the easiest way. From shooting the session to uploading the pictures to an online gallery, I want no unnecessary steps.

3. I want to work on preparing for graduation. Whether it's practicing piano, making some decorations or planning food, I want that to happen THIS MONTH.

4. I want to experiment in Photoshop. I want to conquer this program. Not this month, or next month. But I want to take baby steps and have it basically figured out. My goal for this month is to learn about layer masks.

What are you goals for this month?

Anna Rose

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